Billy Corgan Net Worth

Billy Corgan, the famous music artist, has recently made his comeback, announcing his band tour. The musician from the 1980s is not just a superstar in music, but also a millionaire. And this article will provide you with everything about Billy Corgan net worth and career.

Who is Billy Corgan?

William Patrick Corgan Jr., famously known as Billy Corgan, is a musician and songwriter from America. Mostly, he gained fame as the lead vocalist and guitarist of The Smashing Pumpkins, a rock music band. He is also a wrestling promoter since 2011 and the owner of NWA (National Wrestling Alliance).

Their band has released twelve studio albums to date. In his solo career alone, he has so far released four studio albums and several featuring singles.

Full Name William Patrick Corgan Jr.
Born March 17, 1967 (age 56)
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 6 feet 2 inches (1.9 m)
Profession Musician, Songwriter, Wrestling Promoter
Band The Smashing Pumpkins
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Net Worth $60 million

How much is Billy Corgan’s Net Worth?

As of 2023, Corgan owns around $60 million in terms of net worth. Mostly, his earnings are derived from his music career, album sales, concert tours, and his business. His popularity in music, whether as a band or solo, contributed immensely to his financial success.

Early Life

Born in March 1967, Billy Corgan grew up in Chicago. William Dale Corgan, a guitarist, and his wife were his parents. His parents got divorced, and his dad got married again. Billy and his brother went to live with their stepmom in Glendale Heights, Illinois. Sadly, his stepmom was not very nice to him, and she treated him badly.

Despite these tough times, Billy found a friend in his younger half-brother, Jesse. They stuck together even when their parents were apart. They lived with their stepmom, while their birth parents lived nearby.

Billy Corgan Net Worth

Billy’s dad was a bit of a wild character – he dealt with drugs, had guns, and was a musician. This had both good and bad effects on Billy while he was growing up. He remembers his dad as a great musician, even though things were difficult.

When Billy was a kid, he was really good at sports like baseball. But during high school, he saw a cool guitar at a friend’s house and decided to start playing music.

Billy’s dad helped him buy a guitar, and he taught himself how to play. He liked all kinds of music. He even played in different bands during high school.

Even though he had opportunities to go to college, Billy chose to focus on music. His love for music was so strong that he decided to make it his full-time job.

Source Behind Billy Corgan’s Net Worth

Music Career

Corgan began his music journey by forming the band The Marked in 1985. He was the guitarist and vocalist. But soon, the band didn’t run so far.

Returning to Chicago in 1987, Corgan’s path intersected with Deep Blue Dream, a band where his guitar skills found a new canvas. It was during this time that Corgan’s musical prowess caught the attention of Wayne Static.

In the late 1980s, Corgan met guitarist James Iha while working at a record store. This meeting was the beginning of The Smashing Pumpkins music band. With the addition of bassist D’arcy Wretzky and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, the band took their first steps into the music scene.

The quartet’s first official performance as a unit was on October 5, 1988. Their debut album, “Gish,” came out in 1991. However, it was “Siamese Dream,” their sophomore, released in 1993, that drove them into great stardom. Hits like “Today,” “Cherub Rock,” and “Disarm” made The Smashing Pumpkins’ place in the mainstream.

Billy Corgan Net Worth

In 1995, The Smashing Pumpkins launched their double album “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.” The album’s multi-platinum success and Grammy nominations spoke volumes about its impact.

Things weren’t always easy. The band had some problems, and Billy did most of the work. But he kept going and released more albums like “Adore” and “Machina/The Machines of God.”

Billy also did his own music. He made an album called “TheFutureEmbrace” in 2005. Even when the band took a break, he kept making music by himself.

The Smashing Pumpkins came back together later on. They released albums like “Monuments to an Elegy” and “Cotillions.” People still loved their music.

Professional Wrestling Promotion

Not just his music career, Corgan’s earnings also come from his wrestling promotion company.

Billy Corgan, the famous music artist, also became part of the wrestling world in 2011. He started his own wrestling company called Resistance Pro. It was a place for new wrestlers to show their skills.

In 2013, he did a TV ad for furniture and talked about his wrestling company. He had a good idea in 2014. He talked to a TV channel called AMC about making a show. The show would be about his wrestling company.


In 2015, Billy became a big part of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). He got to make stories and characters for the wrestlers. He loved doing this!

Then, in 2016, Billy became the boss of TNA. He was the president, which is an important job. But things didn’t go well because of money disagreements. Billy left TNA, but he still loved wrestling. In 2017, Billy bought the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA)

FAQs Billy Corgan Net Worth

What religion is Billy Corgan?

Corgan follows the Christian faith.

How good were The Smashing Pumpkins?

The Smashing Pumpkins were really good! They made awesome music that many people loved.

Why did the Smashing Pumpkins drummer leave?

The drummer, Jimmy Chamberlin, left because of some problems, like drugs. But later, he came back to the band.

How long have Chloe Mendel and Billy Corgan been together?

Chloe Mendel and Billy Corgan have been together since 2020.

Final Thoughts

Whether in a band or solo, music has a great impact on Billy Corgan net worth. And he still continues to impress fans with his music.

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