How to create a QR Code for a Google Form

Take your survey to the next level with Google Forms, but do you need help with long-form links? Are you losing important data because people must correctly type or type the long-form link? Worry not because we are here with an excellent solution for you! Learn How to create a QR Code for a Google Form & resolve your problem.

Google Forms; Making data collection convenient

All thanks to technology, data collection has become a lot easier & effective. Today we can invest a little money & time to reach out to the maximum number of people & conduct a survey or anything else. We all must know how to use technology efficiently to fulfill our goals.

Google Forms is a free-to-make and easy-to-use tool that has proven highly effective for every organization & individual seeking to collect information for any purpose. All you need is a Gmail id & you will get to unlock the full potential of Google Forms. Once you learn how to create it, all you need to do is share the link generated as much as possible to reach the maximum number of people.

QR Code for Google Form

Google Forms might be a free tool for you to use & collect important information quickly, but unknowingly, you might be losing out many data because of it; want to know how? If you look deeper at the process from the user end, you will understand the problem. Many times, opening the link becomes a challenging task to do. Different situations occur; sometimes, the link must be fixed because one or two letters were erased while forwarding.

Sometimes the user needs help opening the connection due to typing mistakes. These small mistakes significantly impact the amount of data you collect through the form, making finding a better option than a link crucial. The better option we are talking about is the QR code. Yes, it’s true. Instead of using the links and enhancing the problem, you can use a QR code to connect the form with the user with no mistakes. If you need to learn How to create a QR Code for a Google Form, we will help you.

How to create a QR Code for a Google Form

How to create a QR Code for a Google Form

Creating a Google form QR code is a relatively easy job & you can invest a lot of your money in it. All you need to do is learn how to create a QR code for your Google form within seconds through QR code generators available online. Follow these steps to learn How to create a QR Code for a Google Form:

  1. Complete the process to generate a Google form for whatever purpose to achieve through it & copy the link you have received as the medium to share and open.
  2. Go to any QR code generator available online & paste the link of the Google form in the URL box asking for it.
  3. Click on done & you will get the free QR code for your Google form within a few seconds and without much hassle.
  4. Many such generators also allow you to customize your QR code to make it personalized and attractive. It is also a great option to make it stand out in front of everyone. Now all is left to download and use the QR code when you want.

Why you should generate a QR Code

After knowing How to create a QR Code for a Google Form, you should also know the various benefits you will get by creating a QR code for your Google form to take full advantage of it. The reasons why you should make a QR code for your Google form are:

  •  No mistakes

It is easier to use than a link, and you don’t have to type it manually, so there is no scope for mistakes while using the QR code if you know how to scan it.

  •  Personalization

You can add your brand color or uniqueness to your QR code. Unlike a link, it is not only a combination of words so that it can be personalized according to you.

  • Trackable

You can monitor where you are getting your maximum reach and where you have to work harder. It makes the analysis easier of how effective your data collection is.

  •  Easy Updating

If there is a change in the Google form, you can update it & you will not have to change the QR codes all over again just because of a minor update.


Are you ready to create an extensive network and connect to thousands of people? Now you know How to make a QR Code for a Google Form? Through the QR code, you can effectively unlock the great potential of your survey or for whatever purpose you want to achieve through the Google form. You can use further personalization provided by such platforms to make your QR code stand out in front of people.


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