Temporary tattoos are no more limited to cartoons and colourful designs, suitable for children. It has become dynamic; from children to adults, it is for everyone. Temporary tattoos are perfect for those who do not want a permanent change on their skin & only want to feel the difference brought by a simple but meaningful design. People worldwide are trying to experience this new trend which makes it essential to know how to remove a temporary tattoo from you in case you are done with them. This blog will tell you some easy, quick, and safe ways to remove unwanted temporary tattoos in a few minutes.

Tattoos; The new accessory for people

Getting a permanent tattoo earlier was a great deal. Getting a tattoo from a cheap quality ink was easy & affordable, but it hurt the skin. It was a permanent change which was more like a gamble. Getting a tattoo with good-quality ink to ensure its safety has always been expensive. These restrictions were a barrier for many people, which held them from experiencing how a real tattoo would feel on their bodies.
Today we don’t have such barriers. With temporary tattoos, this limitation is lifted & we can get as many tattoos as possible without worrying about any permanent change. Peel-and-stick temporary adhesive tattoos have become popular over the past few years, all thanks to the internet and social media. It has become accessible and popular among those who always wanted a tattoo but were scared of going through a permanent change in their bodies.

Today you can find thousands of sellers online dealing in different and vibrant tattoo designs that will blow your mind. From floral to hipster, name what you want. People can customize temporary adhesive tattoos to satisfy you, making them even more effective. Today tattoos are no more a piece of art, memory or culture. They have become accessories people wear to reflect their personality and sense of fashion.

How to remove temporary tattoos

There are many bizarre ways people use to remove adhesive tattoos. From extreme scrubbing to soap, people use methods that can hurt their skin. To answer how to remove temporary tattoos safely, we have brought you a few tricks which will work effectively:

Chemical Tools

Don’t worry. We are not talking about toxic & high-end chemical products that might hurt your skin. Simple and less dangerous chemicals available at home can help you remove the temporary tattoo within a few minutes without damaging your skin. These chemical tools generally contain a mixture of substances which can break the temporary tattoo and turn it into a peel.

You can use alcohol, nail polish remover or even sanitiser to safely remove temporary tattoos from your skin. All you have to do is rub such safe chemicals on your tattoo in a slow and circular motion, and you will see the instant result without much hassle.

Oil-based Tools

You must have some oil at your home. It doesn’t matter whether it is hair or edible oil; you can use it to remove your temporary tattoo without hassle. You need to massage and rub the oil on the adhesive tattoo on your body, and it will start peeling off slowly. Removing temporary tattoos from your skin might take some time, but it is the safest method.

Using oil on your skin will not have any reaction, and you will not have to face much irritation and pain throughout the process. If you choose this method, it is readily available at home, so you don’t have to invest your money, especially for removing the temporary tattoo.

Taping Tools

You might be surprised to know that various kinds of tapes available at home can effectively remove your temporary tattoo. Although this method is less advised than others because it is time taking and might pull out your hair, it is effective. You can use different types of tape, from scotch to medical tape; any strong tape will do.

All you have to do is to stick a small piece of tape over your temporary tattoo, press it and peel it off; you will see the tattoo coming off slowly.

Problems of getting a temporary tattoo

Getting a temporary tattoo is undoubtedly more accessible, affordable and effective, but you must know the specific problems associated with this fashion tool. Once you have applied a temporary tattoo on your body & lived your fashion statement as its skin time ends, there will be more than one issue with it. The left material on your skin will get gluey & sticky. The area will turn out dark which will look terrible to you.

This uneasiness will make you compelled to remove it from your body, but the main problem is how to remove temporary tattoos so they don’t harm your skin or pull out your hair along with it. Most people who apply adhesive tattoos do not know how to remove them effectively without much damage. People also do not know that your tattoo removal can depend on the skin life of the tattoo. Removing an adhesive tattoo at an early stage is far more complex than later. There are possibilities that while removing such tattoos, you have to get a few of your body hairs pulled & go through a bit of pain.


Now you can apply as many temporary tattoos as you want because you know how to remove temporary tattoos effectively and safely within a few seconds. We have given you a range of options you can use, and what’s even more exciting is that all these materials can be easily found at home. So, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to remove the temporary tattoo; all you need is the information in the blog.

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