A freshly baked, mouth-watering pie can solve many life problems. It can bring families closer, make new friends, and help you create some sweet memories. Making a great pie with perfect crust & filling is more challenging than it seems. You need different ingredients and, most importantly, time to invest in cooking.

It might not be possible for everyone, but this doesn’t mean there is no other way to taste this delicacy. Marie Callender Pie is one of the most famous restaurant chains in the US that brings you some mind-blowing floors of pies that you can’t resist. This blog will tell you more about it, so stay tuned!

History of Marie Callender

Marie Callender Bakery was launched in the 1940s in Orange County, California. The business owner was Marie, who was keen on baking pies. At the time, the business revolved around solely baking pies and delivering them to the local restaurants so that the customers could taste its greatness. In the starting few years, the growth of the business was immense.

Marie had to make over 200 pies per day to fulfill the demand. With this success, the owners thought to start a coffee shop at first, which soon converted into a restaurant. Today as the restaurant chain is rising to win, it has maintained its classic pie flavors that must be discussed and appreciated. Marie Callender Pie has become a permanent part of the family dinner table.

Marie Callender Pie

One piece of pie after lunch or dinner can help you revive and appreciate your life. It is not just about the sweetness Marie Callender Pie beholds; it also has the treasure of tradition, taste, and excellent family dinner memories. Even more interesting is that you can choose great flavors that suit your taste buds. We have brought you some great flavors out of all flavors of Marie Callender Pie, which you cannot resist:

1. Lemon Meringue Pie

It is one of the signature pies from Marie Callender Pie out of all. It is flushed with a sweet and tart flavor, bringing summer freshness to your door.

Marie Callender Pie

2. Chocolate Cream Pie

This is the perfect pie if you like chocolate and vanilla. It will give you the classic pie vibes with a chocolate twist. Filled with a layer of chocolate with sour cream, chocolate cream pie is the traditional flavor.

Marie Callender Pie

3. Banana Cream Pie

It is a unique combination of banana, vanilla, and almond. With such a great combination, this pie will make you fall in love with the flavors.

banana Marie Callender Pie

4. Coconut Cream Pie

Who doesn’t like coconut with cream? As a pie flavor, this will bring all the savoriness to your doors. It is one of the most appropriate flavors by Maria Callender Pie.

Coconut Marie Callender Pie

5. German Chocolate Pie

A combination of chocolate cream, coconut, and chopped pecans topped with another layer of chocolate and cream is something you cannot deny. It is a dream combination that people seek while buying pies.

Marie Callender Pie

6. Double Cream Lemon Pie

If you are seeking something light and refreshing to bring sweetness to your summer party, having a piece of double-cream lemon pie is the solution. With a combination of rich lemony custard and sour cream, I bet you cannot say no to that.

Marie Callender Pie

7. Double Cream Blueberry Pie

A layer of blueberry brings more Christmas vibes to your table. This is one of the most exotic pie flavors, which flushes excellent savory flavor to your taste buds.

blueberry pie

8. Cream Cheese Pie

If you are a great fan of cheesecake, cream cheese pie will become your next obsession, satisfying your cravings completely.

cheese pie

9. Kahlúa Cream Cheese Pie

Served on a chocolate cookie crust, you will get a refreshing taste of kahlúa with a layer of sour and savory cream served fresh as a pie.

kahlua pie

Maria Callender Banquet Hall

Marie Callender also offers excellent catering services and a banquet hall where people can organize parties and events.  The parties are perfect and successful, with freshly made savory pies, mouth-watering food, and a great ambiance. The food is filled with traditions from years of experience and serving people with love.

Marie Callender serves various dishes, including burgers, brunches, and cakes. Marie Callender also offers special discounts to those who sign up with the Marie Club. Moreover, the benefits continue beyond that and go up to the affordability and quality of the food.


Now to taste the excellent delicacy of savory pies without much effort. Food quality, flavors, and taste mean a lot to everyone. Hopefully, with Marie Callender, you don’t have to worry about that. Marie Callender Pie brings tradition and refreshing flavors to your home. With years of experience, it has always been on the top list of pie lovers throughout the US and has grown out to be a big chain of restaurants from a traditional bakery.

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