Are you looking forward to your future life and want to explore the world, but your weight has always been a problem? Is your weight becoming a hindrance for you to live your daily life? Are you looking to lose weight not because of external validation but because of your good health? Then worry not. We are here with some exercises for morbidly obese people which can help you lose weight quickly & safely, so stay tuned!

Morbidly Obese; A great struggle

Being overweight is a great struggle, not only because you become a target of people’s criticism but also because it hinders you from living your life to the fullest. You cannot wear your favorite dress, traveling makes you tired, suffering from diseases becomes familiar, and you cannot focus on your loved ones.

If your weight affects how you live, you must do something to eliminate it. There are many ways to lose weight, but it is essential to understand that not all are healthy and long-lasting. As morbidly obese, you need a solution that does not affect your health and contributes to losing weight.

Exercises for Morbidly Obese

Now that you know what you will need to lose weight, it’s time to learn some exercises for morbidly obese and start your journey to a healthy and active life:



You might not believe that walking constantly is one of the best exercises for morbidly obese. You can start from a simple 5,000 steps walk and take it up to higher steps to burn calories. The correct pairs of shoes matter a lot for your comfort in walking. You can lose significant weight by walking at a constant pace daily and increasing the steps.


Swimming is one of the most effective ways to lose weight because it involves your whole body without putting much stress on it. Other than losing weight, there are many benefits of swimming daily. Being in the water helps you calm down and cut stress for you. People suffering from anxiety can opt to go swimming as a solution. You need your swimwear if you decide to lose weight through swimming.

Modified Workout

A modified workout includes a set of exercises with some equipment designed according to you and your comfort level. It has leg lifts, squats, bridges, planks, pushups, lunges, etc., which can be intensified through weights. Building your own workout sets helps you lose all over body weight and create a habit of exercising.


Cycling is an excellent way to lose weight and connect to nature. It involves the working of the whole body, contributing to the faster burning of calories. It is one of the easiest exercises for morbidly obese. Thanks to modern equipment like cycle with Soccer, you can intensify your cycling session and level up quickly.


Playing any outdoor sports you like can be great exercise to help you lose weight. Sports like football, basketball, cricket, etc., involve the movement of your whole body, thus contributing to the fast rate of burning calories and losing weight.

Preparation before losing weight

There are unique and easy exercises perfect for morbidly obese people that can help them lose weight effectively. Before telling you the practical exercises for morbidly obese, there are a few things you need to sort out or prepare in advance to avoid unwanted problems and mishaps while losing weight:

Consult your doctor

Consulting with your doctor is a crucial step you must not avoid if you are a morbidly obese person. Your body has many limitations; you must know everything to prevent unwanted accidents and mishaps. Discuss your plan with your doctor and weight for their approval. It is essential to adhere to their advice while exercising to maintain safety.

Buy good sports shoes

Shoes are an essential accessory you need while doing exercises because it helps you in making a good grip. Doing different activities will add pressure on other parts of your body. In such a case, if you don’t wear comfortable and fit sports shoes, there are high chances of falling and causing problems like fractures.

Buy sportswear

Many people avoid buying sportswear while losing weight at home, but you should know that it is essential, especially for morbidly obese people. Sportswear helps keep your body in shape and traps sweat which aids in weight loss and maintaining the right body shape.

Check your pantry

You need to clear your distraction if you want to lose weight, and the best way is to clear your pantry and remove all junk food. You can keep one or two packets for your cheat day and fill them with healthy organic food. It is a crucial step to eliminate the maximum distractions while losing weight.

Buy equipment

To lose weight at home and exercises for morbidly obese, you will require some supporting equipment, including a yoga mat, weights, skipping rope, etc. Ensure you have all these minimalistic things to help you lose weight.

Maintaining a balanced Diet

Exercising alone will not help you lose weight if you are morbidly obese. Along with exercising, you must take care of your diet and ensure you eat a balanced and nutritious meal. It would be best to have a diet plan that should not be overly sensitive. Cutting down calories alone or starving yourself is not a healthy way to lose weight; know your body and eat everything you like but in a limited and planned route to avoid gaining unhealthy calories and supporting your weight loss mission.


Now you know some easy, practical, and exciting exercises for morbidly obese through which you can lose a significant amount of weight without starving yourself. Prepare yourself for your weight loss journey and lead a healthy life ahead. You will gain many good things by losing weight, like an active and fatigue-free life. It does not mean you will achieve any materialistic gains, but you can concentrate better on yourself and your career.

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